Is Vitamin C Powder Better than Capsules - 2022 Guide

Vitamin C is 1 of the most crucial natural vitamins for our wellness. It helps to strengthen our immune method, fight off an infection, and mend wounds. For a lot of people, having a vitamin C health supplement is the finest way to guarantee they are receiving ample of this nutrient. But what is the best way to just take vitamin C?

Is it greater to get it in powder type or in capsules? In this weblog article, we will take a look at the pros and negatives of the two strategies to aid you come to a decision which is proper for you. We will also offer a guidebook on how to come across the greatest vitamin C powder or capsules for your wants.

What is Vitamin C Powder?


Vitamin C powder is a nutritional health supplement that is normally designed from ascorbic acid. It can be taken in powder sort or dissolved in water to make a drink. It is from time to time utilised to deal with or reduce vitamin C deficiency, which can guide to scurvy. The encouraged day by day intake of vitamin C is 90 milligrams (mg) for guys and 75 mg for women. Some people just take substantially increased doses, up to 2000 mg for each day.

Vitamin C has lots of possible wellness advantages. It is an antioxidant that can assist safeguard cells from problems and may well also support the entire body take in iron. It may possibly also enhance immunity, enable reduce most cancers, and lessen the threat of coronary heart illness. Nevertheless, most of these opportunity health rewards are based mostly on observational studies, so far more investigation is required to affirm them.

What are the Positive aspects of Vitamin C Powder?

Vitamin C powder is a fantastic alternate to capsules for individuals who are searching for a far more effortless way to choose their vitamins. Vitamin C is an necessary nutrient that assists the entire body to repair service tissue and make collagen. It also can help the entire body to absorb iron, which is important for retaining balanced red blood cells.

Powder-kind vitamins are also less complicated on the belly than capsule-sort vitamins, creating them a very good preference for men and women with delicate stomachs or people who have problems digesting tablets. Atomy presents a significant-excellent vitamin C powder that is totally free from synthetic flavors, colours, and preservatives.

How to Just take Vitamin C Powder?


Assuming you are referring to taking it orally, in general, it is advised that adults take between 65 and 90 milligrams of Vitamin C every day. Most individuals can get satisfactory amounts of it by feeding on a balanced food plan and consuming food items wealthy in Vitamin C, this kind of as citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts. Nonetheless, some individuals might need to have to just take a health supplement to get the advisable volume.

Vitamin C powder is one particular possibility for getting your day-to-day dose. You can incorporate the powder to drinking water or juice and drink it, or you can combine it into other meals like yogurt or oatmeal. Some men and women find that having it in this variety is a lot easier on their stomach than using capsules or tablets. If you have hassle swallowing products, the powder could possibly be a superior choice for you.

If you determine to choose Vitamin C powder, it’s significant to adhere to the recommendations on the package deal. Some makes advise that you dissolve the powder in drinking water prior to drinking it, although others say that you can combine it with food devoid of dissolving it initially. Be confident to go through the label diligently so that you know how to consider the powder correctly.

When is the Finest Time to Acquire It?

Some people may well not uncover it as successful as they hope and will need to take it for 3-4 months right before they notice a distinction. You can normally test getting it for a single thirty day period at a time and then reevaluate your results. Most bottles contain plenty of capsules for 4 weeks of use, so this makes taking it one thirty day period at a time effortless to do. You really should get vitamin C as soon as or two times a day.

Who should keep away from it?

Higher doses of vitamin C are not encouraged for people with a heritage of kidney stones. Vitamin C is usually deemed risk-free, but it can bring about nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea at superior doses.

What are the Facet Outcomes of Vitamin C Powder?


Vitamin C is a drinking water-soluble vitamin that is essential for typical advancement and progress. The system desires it to make collagen, a protein that is critical for the pores and skin, bones, and blood vessels. It also assists the body take up iron, which is required for the development of pink blood cells.

Vitamin C powder can trigger some aspect effects which include upset abdomen, diarrhea, and nausea. It can also cause kidney stones in some people today. If you get too significantly of this powder, it can result in significant aspect outcomes these types of as joint suffering, fatigue, headache, and so on.

Vitamin C Types

There are a handful of diverse varieties of vitamin C that you can choose as nutritional supplements, including powder, capsules, and tablets. Each individual type has its individual added benefits and negatives.

  • Powder: Vitamin C powder is just one of the most well known sorts of this health supplement. It is straightforward to get and can be dissolved in water or juice. The powder is also the least high priced variety of vitamin C. The downside is that it can be messy and inconvenient to take on the go.
  • Capsules: Capsules are uncomplicated to take and don’t have to have any preparation. They’re also more highly-priced than powder. Some folks come across that they really don’t absorb as effectively as other forms of vitamin C.
  • Tablets: Tablets are a convenient way to take vitamin C, but they are a lot more expensive than powder and capsules. Some persons obtain that they do not dissolve properly in the abdomen, which can guide to indigestion.


Vitamin C powder and capsules each have their professionals and downsides, but in general, vitamin C powder is the much better alternative. It’s additional bioavailable, so your system can take up it far more very easily, and it’s also less complicated to just take on the go. If you are on the lookout for a higher-quality vitamin C nutritional supplement, we endorse examining out our favourite brand names.