4 techniques to try for the best Meditation Time in a busy schedule

Meditation holds immense power in keeping your stress at bay and making you feel rejuvenated. When I was struggling with fibromyalgia, meditation is what helped me push through. But quite often in our busy schedule, the best meditation time falls into a black hole when you hardly feel free. You might also be there when you are unable to find daily meditation time. With Fibromyalgia and ADHD, I just could not go forward without meditation but now I no longer have this dilemma. In the rat race of life, we are left with the harrowing experience of no time for ourselves. With some practically feasible techniques, you can calm your mind.

Best Meditation Time

Try this if you don’t have meditation time

1. Practice mindfulness

While you are working anywhere, office, kitchen or busy with anything, observe how your hands and muscles are moving. See the things around and observe them. Slowly bring your awareness to these objects. Practice this as many times as possible.

Best Meditation Time Mindfulness

2. Follow 3-3-3 rule

Observe three objects that you can see, three sounds you can hear, and three things you can touch. This is a common anxiety quenching technique. This can be used in any stressful situation.

Best Meditation Time 3-3-3 rule

3. Try box meditation

Breathe in at a count of 4. Hold your breath at a count of 4. Breathe out at a count of 4. Hold your breath at a count of 4. Continue this technique a couple of times and repeat it whenever you want.

Box breathing

4. FOFBOC technique

FOFBOC is an effective mindfulness technique. Observe your Feet On Floor and Back On Chair. Observe how it feels. Cold/hot, soft/hard, relaxing/tensed etc.

Best Meditation Time - FOFBOC

Mindfulness is a powerful tool. The moment to master it you attain bliss. Now onwards your best meditation time is when you decide to be mindful.